Sisters, J. Regina Williams and Trisha W. Bacon, are the proud owners of Cheezecakes... Gourmet Cupcakes with a Smile Inside. Cheezecakes came to be in 1998 when one sister had the crazy idea to discreetly meet a guy by sending him a tasty treat basket to precede her introduction. When the idea was mentioned to her sister, she immediately said, “what about the cupcakes?”

“The cupcakes” are a palette pleasing taste sensation. You are in for a decadent treat from the first moment that you bite into the crusty top to the first taste of the “cheezy” middle that is sure to make you smile. 

To complete the special delivery in the most realistic manner possible, the cupcakes required a name and logo. The name "Cheezecakes… Gourmet Cupcakes With A Smile Inside” was conceived along with an accompanying logo. Packaging was developed to convey a bright, happy and positive feeling. A delivery person was retained to formally deliver the product.

The tasty treat was delivered to the suitor and devoured as expected. However, since the treats were sent anonymously with only a phone number and the invitation to lunch, another young lady received the credit for sending the treats and the sister never did get the lunch date. She did however tap into something wonderful, a new business. Since that first delivery, Cheezecakes has primarily been a word of mouth operation with sales growth year after year. Due to the growing demand, the sisters decided to make a go of it and make Cheezecakes a full fledged business.

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